Following Six (6) respectable members have been elected as Members Central Executive Committee for next two years.

1-      Mr. Shoaib Khanjee from Sindh.

2-      Mr. Mian Shahid Iqbal from Punjab

3-      Mr. Muhammad Abid Hayat from Potohar

4-      Mr. Brig r Iftikhar Ahmed from Baluchistan.

5-      Mr. Fakhar-e-Aalam from Hazara.

6-      Mr. Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha from KPK.


Following Six 6 members of Central Executive Committee will continue their 2nd year in CEC.

7-      Mr. Muhammad Tahir from Sindh.

8-      Mr. Capt r Raja Shuja Anwer from Punjab.

9-      Mr. Chaudhry Talib Hussain from Potohar.

10-  Mr. Arbab Muhammad Afzal from Baluchistan.

11-  Mr. Kamal Khan Pasha from Hazara.

12-  Mr. Haji Sajid Islam from KPK.

We congratulate and welcome the new Central Executive Committee 2015-16.