Our Promise
Green Pakistan


All Pakistan CNG Association has been working since 1995. It is the only recognized and registered trade body in Pakistan for CNG sector. It has its offices in all the cities of Pakistan. It has become the voice of more than 3500 CNG stations and it truly represents the CNG industry of the country as well as the CNG consumer. APCNGA has endeavored to do justice for common Pakistani citizens in terms of extending and providing cheaper and cleaner fuel to them. All Pakistan CNG Association is represented by highly motivated and energetic Office Bearers. All Office Bearers fully participate in the matters of the Association and encourage the members at all levels for active participation in problem solving and decision-making.
Over a short span of time, CNG has proved its immense importance as an alternate fuel. It has not only facilitated the customers but also enhanced the economy of the country. The use of compressed natural gas as alternate fuel in private and commercial vehicles has transformed the CNG business into a dynamic, progressive and fast growing industry of the country. Its use has drastically reduced the import bill of petroleum products due to which foreign exchange has been saved. Further the use of CNG has greatly reduced emissions of toxic gases and has improved the environment of cities by reducing pollution. The fast intensity in setting and operating CNG station has not only resulted in creating job opportunities on one side but has helped the country in producing high skilled personnel having in-depth expertise in operation and maintenance of high-tech CNG equipments. We are now one of the highest revenue generating industries of Pakistan providing employment to the millions of people.
In addition to the achievements made at the federal level APCNGA has done a lot of work in support of the CNG sector at provincial and district level. The local issues concerning provincial departments are dealt with by the Regional offices of the Association. This includes resolving collective as well as individual issues of CNG stations, liaison with the local governments and the provincial governments, holding safety seminars with OGRA, HDIP & Department of Explosives, monitoring safety at local CNG stations, providing technical training to the managers, technicians and the fillers, providing relevant information to the CNG stations regarding their day to day working problems, ensuring welfare of workers of CNG stations, providing guideline to new comers, sponsoring CNG exhibitions, holding general body meetings of the Region for better understanding of the problems of the CNG stations and providing them an opportunity to voice their views and complaints, etc.
APCNGA is working for the promotion of CNG activity and protection of the CNG industry. Although the activity of CNG is a bread winning activity for the stations owners, yet it remains an environment friendly and ambient purifier because of cleaner fuel usage in shape of CNG. The CNG sector is directly contributing towards the clean environment by providing better and cleaner air to breath, have reduced petroleum imports considerably, is the highest revenue generator for the economy while consuming only 6 % of Natural Gas but having invested more than 300 Billion by the businesses.
APCNGA represents Pakistan’s CNG industry all over the world as we are the member of (INGV) and (ANGVA) and participate in the fuel energy and CNG related conferences all around the world on behalf of Pakistan CNG industry.
APCNGA works for bridging gaps between the government and CNG sector by resolving the issues and conflicts on policy matters.
APCNGA provides actual facts and data to the government departments for development and planning, drafting new policies and decisions. APCNGA is the key partner of CNG Board of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural resources and had submitted its recommendations for the new CNG policy.
APCNGA advocates for the common citizen’s benefits and privileges and apposes all the decisions and policies which could be destructive for the CNG industry and the economy of the country and hails all the beneficial decisions and policies of the Government.
Pakistan’s CNG Industry is facing a lot of problems such as:

  • Load Shedding
  • High Gas Prices
  • High Electricity rates
  • Overall inflation in the economy
  • Zero Research
  • Non Availability of Cylinder Testing Labs
  • Lack of Trained Workforce  etc

APCNGA is working to resolve the problems and issues with the mutual consent and the understanding of all the stakeholders of the economy for the long lasting impacts to the economy of Pakistan
APCNGA is not only maneuvering for providing cheaper, cleaner and safer fuel to the common man but it is also enhancing the better job opportunities to eradicate unemployment in Pakistan.  Recently APCNGA has conducted comprehensive training courses for Managers, Operators and Fillers with the close coordination of USAID Pakistan training 750 persons from all over Pakistan.
APCNGA is further planning:

  • To establish Cylinder testing labs for the safety of the public.
  • A training institute for the CNG workers will be established for enhancing skills for better jobs opportunities.
  • We are planning to import the LNG to manage the needs of Natural Gas.
  • Hydrogen CNG Plants are also in our planning which will reduce 40 % consumption of CNG.

In short, APCNGA carries out all the possible activities for the betterment and development of CNG industry in particular and the economy of Pakistan in general.